Thursday, February 24, 2022

issue twenty-one : Castle Guestskull : guest-edited by Micah Ballard and Garrett Caples

produced also as CASTLE GRAYSKULL 1.5

directed by Skeletor

edited by Micah Ballard and Garrett Caples

see here for
Micah Ballard and Garrett Caples’ introduction and biographies 

featuring new work by:

Colter Jacobsen (as Teela)
Anne Waldman
Brian Lucas

Carrie Hunter
Roberto Harrison

Neeli Cherkovski
Raymond Foye and Bob Flanagan

Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta
Tamas Panitz

Gregory Corso

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Author biographies:

Neeli Cherkovski lives in San Francisco and has published many books of poetry and prose. His most recent poetry collection is ABC (Spuyten Duvyil).

Gregory Corso (1930–2002) was a revolutionary poet of the spirit. He was the author of over a dozen books of poetry and one novel, in addition to posthumously published collections of plays, interviews, and correspondence.

Bob Flanagan (1952–1996) was a poet, musician, and performance artist, famous for exploring themes of sado-masochism. He was published by Dennis Cooper’s Little Caesar magazine, David Trinidad’s Sherwood Press, and Hanuman Books.

Raymond Foye is a curator, publisher, writer and editor. He is currently editing the Collected Poems of Rene Ricard.

Roberto Harrison’s most recent book of poetry is Tropical Lung: exi(s)t(s) (Omnidawn, 2021). He was Milwaukee Poet Laureate 2017–2019 and is also a visual artist.

Carrie Hunter received her MFA/MA in the Poetics program at New College of California, was on the editorial board of Black Radish Books, and for 11 years, edited the chapbook press, ypolita press. She has published around 15 chapbooks and has two books out with Black Radish Books, The Incompossible and Orphan Machines, and a third full-length, Vibratory Milieu, out with Nightboat Books. She lives in San Francisco and teaches ESL.

Colter Jacobsen splits his time between Ukiah (Haiku spelled backwards) and Surprise Valley, both in California. Besides being an artist and musician and living with 16 animals (30,016 if you count the bees), he DJs as Coco, once a month for Nomadic Nightcap, KZYX community radio.

Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta is a Nicarag├╝ense Jewish Californian artist and poet. They are the author of The Easy Body (Timeless, Infinite Light) & the forthcoming La Movida (Nightboat Books). Tatiana grew up east of the Los Angeles River, and has lived in the Ramaytush Ohlone village of Yelamu for the past decade.

Brian Lucas’s most recent publications are Lost Comets (Two-Way Mirror Books, 2021) and Eclipse Babel (Impart Ink/Bootstrap Press, 2015). He lives in Oakland, CA where he also paints and makes music under the Old Million Eye moniker.

Tamas Panitz is the author of Toad’s Sanctuary (Ornithopter Press, 2021), and The House of the Devil (Lunar Chandelier Collective, 2020). A book of poems, The Country Passing By, is forthcoming from Model City, as is a book of his interviews with Peter Lamborn Wilson, called Conversazione, from Autonomedia. Tamas Panitz is also a painter, whose paintings and stray poems can be found on instagram, @tamaspanitz.

Anne Waldman: Recent projects include album SCIAMACHY. Levy-Gorvy & Fast Speaking Music (with William Parker, Laurie Anderson, Guru Moe & others) 2020, Goslings to Prophecy with Emma Gomis (Lune, 2021), Perdu Podcast: HAFEZ .2021, I Wanted To Tell You About My Meditations on Jupiter, Fast Speaking Music, Mexico City 2022. The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Summer Writing Program at Naropa opening in June 2022. Forthcoming: New Weathers: Poetics from the Naropa Archive, Nightboat 2022 and BARD,KINETIC, Essays, Poems, Memoir, Coffee House Press 2022.

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