Thursday, February 25, 2021

G U E S T #16 : Kirby : The FANGIRL issue : Introduction

When is the last time you’ve been giddy?

An unanticipated well of joy WHOOSH! followed by laughter, glee. A smile meets my forefinger. Your face pictured in front of me.  Relief.  Delight.

It’s not always an easy thing to ask. Simple, yes. Find it helps to be decisive, clear, upfront.

Still, it’s an ask.

Like most of you, I’m a giver. To ask is rarer, a chip I hold close, especially when asking for something you value from someone you cherish.

“I would love to include a piece of yours in this anthology. Do you have?”

Time. Work. No money.

Not a small ask. It helps that I can hear no.

Thankfully, I gave myself full permission to ‘go big.’ Why else do it?

I’m calling this my FANGIRL issue. I could tell a personal story of each of these poets, their work, how/when we first met, mostly through KFB, our ongoing relationships.

One thing I can share, I am forever changed by our having met.

There’s more, many more, much more, and here’s what fit in twenty-four exceedingly abundant pages.   

Did she say thank you?

With special thanks to rob for the ask.

Welcome to GUEST 16

KIRBY’s work includes WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE CALLED? (Anstruther Press, 2020), THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF (Permanent Sleep Press, 2019), SHE’S HAVING A DORIS DAY (KFB, 2017), upcoming POETRY IS QUEER (Palimpsest Press, 2021) and editor NOT YOUR BEST No. 2 (KFB 2021). They are the publisher, book fairy at knife | fork | book [Toronto]

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