Tuesday, September 28, 2021

G U E S T #19 : Pearl Pirie : Introduction



What I also love is the serendipitous cross-ties of blood and butterflies, writers life, rain and river. We are in nature and we are nature. We take whatever time it takes to acknowledge violence or beauty. 

We can choose to echo and spread information overload, grief, fear, anger and Covid.  Or sit with quiet. A radical act.

In a world of infinite words, to choose a few draws a firm line.

To make space for the small slows the pulse.

One may poet here may balance the noise with simple awarenesses.

The slowness of a refusal to be rushed is restorative.

With small poems one may be at risk of quietude and willful shutting out of the complex jagged bits of life. Or one may let them enter, single file, look each in the eye.

I love the poems that came in from these poets I admire.

The poems are open to risk and walk vulnerably without deflection from what is worth noting.




Pearl Pirie is a rural Quebec poet. Her family arrived in the Shawville and Litchfield, Quebec areas in the 1840s but most spent the 1900s and 2000s in Ontario.

Her fourth poetry collection is footlights (Radiant Press, 2020) and her most recent chapbook is Mudflaps for Short Dogs (Trainwreck Press, 2021). She has a forthcoming minimalist poem chapbook this fall from Apt. 9 Press.

Pirie is on Patreon and Instagram at pearlpiriepoet and is pesbo on twitter. She has a blog at pearlpirie.com/blog.

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