Friday, November 29, 2019

Susana Gardner : issue seven : INTRO

When asked to curate an issue for rob mclennan’s Guest, I instinctively collected works from several poets I have known from many experiences of poeting— this includes many guises… real-time conferences like NOPF, my present favorite and as well as seeking writers via a private online group for poet-mothers and am pleased with the result of widening the scope of my own circle. Some poems are written for others within the group, an endearment which points to a healthy poetic community. My natural go-to as the editor at DUSIE, since 2003 is to ask poets I admire to contribute, trusting their own judgment of their work, which allows for an element of experimental creativity and chance which is absolutely necessary. Many surprises and happy outcomes happen within this space of trust giving the allowance for further investigation and experimentation.

Susana Gardner is the author of three full-length poetry collections: [ lapsed insel weary]  (the tangent press, 2008), Herso (Black Radish, 2011) and CADDISH (Black Radish Books, 2013).  Her latest book, Somewhere Upon a Time / Oceanids & Dreampomes is forthcoming. She lives on an island off the New England coast where she tends books, writes and curates the online poetics journal and experimental press, DUSIE.

Author photo taken at the Boston Poetry Marathon by Mark Lamoureux

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