Wednesday, July 31, 2019

D.W. Adams : issue five : introduction :

Train : a poetry journal developed out of a sense that I had spent too much time lurking—as a reader, as an admirer of poets and their poetry—and that I should actually do something different to interact with writers and writing. I thought I should be more active.

I’ve sat untold hours in coffee shops with poetry. The solitude began to feel isolating, even selfish.

From the moment I announced the first submission call, the project developed rather quickly, and Train : a poetry journal, which exists as both a print quarterly and a blog, now has a life of its own. This issue of G U E S T emerges from whatever it is that Train has been doing since posting those first poems in May, 2018. I’ve been introduced to the work of so many incredible poets that I might not have otherwise had the chance to read, and I’ve appreciated every one.

Thanks to rob mclennan for soliciting me for this project.

D.W. Adams lives in Toronto. He is editor and publisher of Train : a poetry journal.

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